Almost Actors

Almost Actors

Almost Actors is a comedic webseries based on the terrible and often hysterical archetypes you meet in acting school, created by Tiarra Sulyk, Athena Russell, and Jessica McLeod.

  • Written By — Tiarra Sulyk, Athena Russell, & Jessica McLeod
  • Directed By — Various by episode
  • Starring — Athena Russell, Tiarra Sulyk, Ben Groulx, Meaghan Hommy, Jessica McLeod, Cody Wilson, Robyn Westcott, Mark Anthony Parinas, Matt Mazur, Julian LeBlanc, Nicholas Carella

The Song Exercise

Season 2 × Episode 10

It’s the last class of the semester. Each student has prepared a very special song that reflects who they truly are. We’ll miss these aspiring thespians!

The Improv Class

Season 2 × Episode 9

In Improv Class, we always say, “Yes.” Except when your heart is smashed to a million little pieces. Then it might be okay to say no.

The After-School Rehearsal

Season 2 × Episode 8

There’s a standoff happening in class. When two groups of students both lay claim to a rehearsal space, tensions are at an all-time high. Who will get the room? At what cost?

The Emotional Connection

Season 2 × Episode 7

Box is love. Box is life. In Emotional Connection 202, you will learn how to be one with the box. How to feel it. All of it. It will light up your life.

The Celebrity Guest

Season 2 × Episode 6

The students are back from their Winter break, and their coach has a very special alumni interview in store. But when the celebrity guest knows one of the current students, can the interview stay on track?

The Voiceover Class

Season 2 × Episode 5

Merry Christmas! For this holiday season, the students take on Voiceover Class with a famous (kind of) coach. It’s too bad they’re all terrible…

The Chemistry Class

Season 2 × Episode 4

Welcome to the first Chemistry Class of this semester, where you will learn to make a connection with your partner. The coaches aren’t making the class any less awkward, though…

The Movement Class

Season 2 × Episode 3

Real actors don’t just act like orchids, they become orchids. In this Movement Class, Coach and her assistant Jewel will help you find your way. But one student seems to already have found hers.

The Commercial Audition Class

Season 2 × Episode 2

The students tackle the “art” of commercial auditioning, but with a maybe-he’s-French-maybe-he’s-not coach at the helm, will they learn anything at all?

The First Morning

Season 2 × Episode 1

We’re back: Welcome back to school! Angelica and Alison (world-class frienemies) are at each others throats, until a newcomer arrives and shakes things up.

The Time Waster

Season 1 × Episode 8

In this episode we meet Britney; she is quite the chatter-box, ruining the class for everyone

The Fake-Ass Bitch

Season 1 × Episode 3

Almost Actors is a comedic web series based on the terrible and often hysterical archetypes you meet in acting school. One of those people is Angelica, a real fake-ass bitch.